Student Blogs

Garber: Word

Period 1

Abby: Abby’s Blog

Alizaya: Untitled

Bryanna: Bryanna’s Blog

Cicely: Minnie is Me

Daniel: The Quiet Kid

Emily: Okay?

Gavin: Harambe Himself

Haley: Expecto Patronum

Katherine: Katherine’s Journey

Keith: Keith’s Blog

Kenaysha: ?

Khao: I Can’t Think of a Title

Kim: Planet Paradise

Kumba: Untitled

Leah: Leah’s Blog

Madison: Life of Maddie

Madison M: Madison’s World

Mahmoudou: Ballermo

Makaela: K.P.L Blogs

Mal: A Look into the Mind of an Introvert

Mohamed: Mohamed’s Blog

Noah: Team Squad

Raheem: The past Is the Present and the Present Is the past and the Future Is Now

Rebecca: Rebecca’s Blog

Sabrina: Sabrina’s Blog

Sarah: Everyone is Welcome

Taelor: Titles Are Cliche

Tawnie: IDK

Yahshua: Scotland Yard

Period 2

Alexis: Lexie Blogs

Autumn: Autumn’s Blog

Brooklynn: Brookies Blogs

Casey: Surviving Life, Not Living It

Chantel: Chantel’s Blog

Deondray: The Galaxy

Gerardo: How Did You Get Here?

Iqra: Kill Me Heal Me

Judit: Expulsion from Paradise

Kennedy: Cats, Coffee, and Castel

Kyra: Disastrous Writings of a Procrastinator

Lisbeth: Basketball

Logan: Why So Serious?

Marina: Life of a Meme Machine

Mary: Mary’s Blog

Mohamed: The Mighty Sword

Noor: B Happy

Ralphy: Just Some Blog

Sarah: The_Ultimate_Meme_Machine

Trinitty: Slipped Too hard

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